About Alameda Adaptive Arts

Alameda Adaptive Arts gives young adults with special needs an opportunity to express themselves through song and dance, and in the process entertain and inspire the community with their positive message about finding one’s voice. So many life skills are learned and honed through performing:  Getting dressed and stage ready, arriving at the venue on time, listening to and cooperating with fellow performers, carrying oneself appropriately in the public eye. 

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The Alameda Adaptive Arts Team

Marcy Morrison Pearce

Marcy has had a love for and dabbled in performance and theater arts all her life, but things got serious when she joined Dance10 Performing Arts about a dozen years ago and became a Tap Dancing Christmas Tree.

Stephanie Pepitone

Stephanie Pepitone is a musician and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has been working with children and families in the Bay Area for the past 20 years.

Dana Carey

Dana Carey officially started teaching Zumba in September 2015 at Total Woman Gym in Alameda. Little did she know, it would take her on this Fitness Journey of Life!

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